Our Earthwork Construction Services department conducts geotechnical engineering inspections and testing during the construction phase of a project. Our exceptional and experienced technicians and inspectors are highly qualified in all aspects of engineered fill construction, roadway, and utility improvements, with appropriate Caltrans, NICET, and ICC certifications.

Wallace-Kuhl has an enduring record of diligence and standard-setting performance in borrow source evaluation, engineered fill quality assurance, subgrade compaction testing, foundation excavation inspection, and utility trench backfill inspection and testing. Our technicians and inspectors are supported by Wallace-Kuhl's entire staff of geotechnical engineers, who can rapidly develop solutions allowing construction to continue with minimal delays. Inspectors are equipped with company-supplied vehicles, laptop computers, cellphones, and other state-of-the-art communication tools to enhance our professional image and performance on the job site, and to enable us to prepare high-quality reports.

Our Earthwork Construction services include:

  • Aggregate Testing
  • Borrow Source Evaluation
  • Foundation Excavation Inspection
  • Engineered Fill Quality Assurance
  • Subgrade Compaction Testing
  • Soils Expansion Potential
  • Lime/Cement Stabilization
  • Geotextile Installation
  • Utility Trench Backfill Inspection
  • Roadway and Pavement Rehabilitation Inspection
  • Levee Construction Testing and Inspection
  • Slope and Hillside Construction Inspection
  • Public Works Inspection
  • Pipeline Video Inspection and Evaluation
Proctor Test
Soil Testing